10 tips to stay healthy this holiday

10 Tips to stay healthy this holiday

10 tips for Christmas

Staying on track over Christmas is always a little challenging, from temptations around the office, to opening advent calendars with the kids, come on Mums we’ve all been there, having a sneaky window chocolate! And it seems every second night there’s a social festivity requiring mince pie consumption, ooo life’s soooo tough!

Well friends, Christmas is about having fun with family so you can let your hair down just a little. However, I have 10 tips to share with you, supporting you through this busy season and hopefully you will come out the other side, raring to go and surprise yourself with not too much weight gain- teehee!



1. Keep tempting foods out of reach – avoid any mindless eating, out of sight out of mind.


2. Eat slower- it’s not a race! Tip, place your fork down between bites you will feel fuller over a smaller portion. 


3. Choose indulgences wisely, be selective about what you put on your plate. Conscious eating, do I really need this?


4. Plan a workout and physical activity into the holidays. Steady post meal walks are good for the digestion and mind, reducing any over eating you would be doing if you were sitting on the couch. 


5. Beware of alcohol consumption- it’s just empty calories. We are more likely to snack once we have had a drink as alcohol stimulates our appetite.


6. Save room for dessert- yes you heard me!! If you really want that piece of pecan pie, cheesecake, christmas pud, save a space for it and reduce your carb intake in your main meal, smaller portions of starchy veg; roast potatoes, sweet potatoe mash, cauliflower cheese.


7. Wear fitted clothing- elastic waist lines are OUT! Fitted clothing will make you more conscious of when your waist is beginning to swell a little too much for comfort.


8. Avoid sugary drinks, water is your friend. Stay away from egg nog, pumpkin spiced coffee. If you are going to drink alcohol, wine, bubbles and gin and tonic would be my go to. 


9. Stay clear of salty snacks, they will keep drawing you back in and make you drink even more.


10. Stop with the excuses! Christmas is a short part of the year, so once it passes, move on with life, set yourself a goal, start a new fitness regime, dispose of any leftover temptations, donate or pay them forward and get back to living your best life! x



  • Elizabeth

    December 18, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Great tips Alicia, I especially like # 7 and #10 ……… Have a great festive 🙂