12 Days of FITMAS!

Fitmas challenge.png

Well, here we are…December 12th and with only 12 days left until Christmas Day. Why not join my ’12-days of FITMAS’ challenge, giving yourself a little focus each day, rather than thinking about food, wrapping presents, stockings, and mince pies.

Both of my online fitness groups are participating in this fun Christmas challenge so why not involve everyone. Feel free to print the ’12 days of FITMAS’ challenge and place it on your fridge, bathroom or even your desk at work, involve the whole family and your work colleagues.

Christmas is often a time of joy but always remember those less fortunate that may be lonely this time of year. Share a cheer and a hug full of love to anyone and everyone you meet. And always remember those that cannot be with us around the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Remember if you are ready to set new intentions and resolutions for the New Year and you’re not quite sure where to start with healthy living and improving your fitness. I’m here to assist. Email or send a message on any of my platforms for my January *SPECIALS*

Happy Holidays,

Love & Fitness xxx

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