3 day plant-based challenge

3 Day Plant-Based Challenge

Have you ever tried a plant based diet?

3 day plant-based challenge

I really like to hear from people who read and view my posts, and lately people have been more interested in what to eat and how to stay on track with a healthy living over fitness.  So here you are friends, let’s talk about all things yummy and more importantly about two diets that may seem very similar but actually are not. 

Do you know the difference between being a VEGAN and a PLANT-BASED diet? Although veganism & plant-based eating has been around for centuries it has taken a huge leap in the last 5 years. Nearly every establishment we choose to eat in can provide us with a vegan option these days.

What’s the difference between VEGAN and PLANT-BASED?

I often hear people say “I’m 100% VEGAN” but are you really? However being a vegan is a lifestyle, not just a way of eating. Vegans will not wear anything made from animals, leather, cashmere, suede and they are huge animal lovers. I’m not saying I’m not, but protesting at my local abattoir, I will leave this to the passionate professionals. 

People who eat a plant-based diet may also love animals and do not agree with the cruelty that goes with the delivery of meat on our plates but they do not push these opinions on to others and focus more on their way of eating and the health benefits for them eating a plant-based diet.

If you suffer from stiff joints, inflammations, digestive issues, IBS, bad skin, eczema these are just a few ailments that may be caused from your diet. Therefore perhaps it’s time to look at what you’re consuming? If you have never tried a full plant based diet- try my 3 day challenge. Start anytime, anywhere and stick with it!

What you will receive? 

  • 3 Day meal Plan
  • 3 full recipes, one for each day
  • 3 snack ideas

And enjoy the process. If you get stuck feel free to ask me for help, that’s what I’m here for and love to do.

I would love to hear how you get on within the 3 days, it may not be long enough for some of us to feel the benefits so why not double the challenge and start experimenting with more meatless recipes. 

Stay tuned for more yummy recipes and if you need some more inspiration check out my pinterest board. 


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