5 Habits Sabotaging your weight loss

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss

5 Habits Sabotaging your weight loss

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss

Do you feel like you are doing everything right and not making progress. The weight loss journey is always going to be a challenge, but there are some easy to fix habits that may be affecting your progress more than you think. These bad habits can sneak into your routine without you even realising it!

Let’s take a look at the possible 5 habits sabotaging weight loss and how to resolve them.

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss

It’s THIRSTY work

Often we can mistake hunger for thirst. 

Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning, to cleanse the body with a little added lemon can really aid energy and digestion. Drink a glass of water before each meal to make you feel fuller. 
Have you tried lemon essential oil in your water? Head over to my wellness page to learn more. 


Sugar can be hiding in foods you didn’t even realize!

Eating too much sugar not only hinders progress but will leave you craving more. Sugar is high in calories and will have your energy levels crashing a few hours after consumption. Main hidden culprits- fruit juices, granola & sauces. Check your labels even when they are marked ‘healthy’.

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss
Acid Vs Alkaline Diet

Eating too many (good calories)

You might be under the impression that consuming more ‘good’ calories won’t sabotage weight loss. However, this is where many go wrong. While it’s better than consuming lots of ‘bad’ calories, it can still have you gaining weight. So make sure you are eating the right amount. Look up your calories using https://tdeecalculator.net/


Only sticking to a plan a few days a week won’t have you achieving the results you’re after.

You have to commit in order to see results! Also, make sure you aren’t hoping for results too soon. Set realistic time goals, give the plan a full 7 days before reassessing.

Are you setting your fitness goals correctly?

ALcohol Intake

Generally speaking, alcohol is known as empty calories, it has no nutritional value but a high-calorie count. Those who include a glass of wine daily or drink a lot on the weekend may not realize how much it’s affecting your diet.

There’s no problem drinking alcohol if you drop the calories from elsewhere, you just have to make sure you’re counting.

These are the most common habits I have experienced that may be jeopardising your weight loss progress. Once you’re aware of the mistakes you’re making they become easier to fix. I am here to support you as a health coach. SMART goals in fitness are key to success. Please feel free to connect me for a FREE consultation. Contact me: info@aliciaproud.com


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