5 Tips for Sea Swimming

Open Water for the win

As open water becomes more and popular, with wild swimming groups popping up all around the globe, from ice cold underwater free diving, endurance swim crossings between islands, the ocean is endless for swimming. Are you ready to join in?

5 Tips for sea swimming

This week I want to share with you my 5 top tips for starting out in the open water. Whether you a newbie to the swim world, a triathlete or a veteran of the pool. The sea brings a different feel to swimming, adding environmental factors to challenge you with the contrast of tranquility and relaxation. How can you have both?

You’ll soon find out…

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1. Safety is key. Always swim with company or a flotation device. Sometimes things happen, even a mild cramp can paralyse you and when you are little way off shore there’s nothing worse. Company can assist you if you become injured, get cramp, or difficulties arise. Boats, jet skis are constantly in the water and often miss a small head bopping or some swinging freestyle arms, by having a brightly coloured floatation aid strapped to your waist will make you far more visible in the water.


2. Access your surroundings. The Sea is unpredictable and can change rapidly. If you are a beginner or weaker swimmer, swim with the current and walk back. If there’s no option to walk as you may swim by a rocky coastline, swim against the current to start and with the current on your return leg, when you maybe a little more fatigued. When there is a lot of traffic where you swim, boats, moorings, buoys be aware and look up often every 20 strokes or so.


3. Nature was here first. When it comes to sea creatures, leave them be. You may find yourself swimming over and past fish, often stingrays and turtles where I am. By all means stop and take a moment to admire the wonders of nature you get to swim amongst being an open water swimmer. But never try to touch or interfere with wildlife. You are in their territory now.

4. Protect your skin. The sea by far is much kinder on your skin than chlorine but one environmental factor you can’t control is the sun beating down on you. Wear a good quality sunscreen to protect your skin but also protecting the reef and wildlife below you. Highly populated beach areas and dive sites have been terribly affected over the years from the build up of chemicals found in sunscreens. I highly advise checking out Lani And Kai sunscreen. Perfect for every athlete. 

5. If in doubt- GET OUT. It’s that simple. For anyone starting out in open water swimming, it can seem quite daunting to be in such a large expanse of water. Always have your target or your set route and don’t just swim. Follow the shoreline, swim for a known distance or for time. Plan your swim workout before you enter and start. If there is any doubt; over the sea conditions, your swim partner, boat traffic, marine life, the weather, your capability and how you are feeling, you can always get out. Come back another day, the sea isn’t going any where.


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