cut the calories

5 Tips to cut the calories

cut the calories

How can I keep my Weight down at Christmas?

So many of us fret about our weight over the holiday season as there are so many reasons, occasions to indulge a little more the usual. Well, it doesn’t have to be totally out of control. Here are my top 5 tips to cut the calories over the holidays but sill enjoy yourself. 

Party Time

Don’t turn up to a party HUNGRY! Big mistake.  Practice healthy holiday eating, and make sure to eat something before you leave home. It’s the easiest way to reduce the risk of overeating at parties. Ideally, eat a high-protein meal with veggies.

Have a game-plan for the party.
Are you craving sweet or savory? Focus on one and skip the other, a tried and true answer among dietitian tips to cut calories. If you are going to hone-in on savory foods at the party, avoid greasy crackers, chips, and deep-fried foods. Enjoy fine cheeses with fresh fruit or Melba toast instead of buttery crackers or bread.


Bring a dish you know you can eat. Bring your favorite vegetable dish to the party. By loading up on this dish first, you’ll be assured to eat something that fits into your eating plan. Plus, most people at the party are probably avoiding overindulgence as well. So they’ll be relieved when they see your healthy veggie dish on the table.

Christmas Food
Cut the Calories
Calorie tips


At a minimum, an alcoholic drink will cost you 70 calories: 7 calories/g alcohol, with a standard “drink” providing 10 grams of alcohol. Usually the higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories. Mixed drinks with juice, and/or soda add even more calories.

Stick to lower-calorie options such as wine/bubbles or lite beer. One 5 fl oz glass of wine or 12 fl oz of light beer is about 70-100 calories. Generally, avoid eating AND drinking at the same time, the more salty food we eat the more we drink, replace this thirst with water and always try the 1:1 water to alcoholic drink, stay hydrated.

Exercise More

It’s important to give yourself a little break during the holidays and occasionally overindulge. It’s human nature, and giving in to the occasional craving is better than denying yourself to the point of sabotage.

Calories are made to be burned, so if you have more than your daily intake, exercise a little more.

You don’t even have to go to the gym. There are so many options to workout at home, check out my Youtube or join my KEEP MOVING group on Facebook, giving you a little extra challenge move each day until Christmas Eve. 

Exercise daily
cut the calories
cut the calories

Dining Out

Going out again? 

If dining out is necessary because you are busy working or socialising, avoid seeing the meal as “special” and focus more on another opportunity to “nourish” your body.  Check out these additional tips for healthy dining out.

Whatever approach you take, remember to track consumption, perhaps use a helpful calorie counting app. Tracking will help you stay accountable and minimize Christmas calorie damage. 

Everything in Moderation

You’ve totally heard this saying before! And it truly can prevent weight gain over the holidays. By giving yourself permission to enjoy some (not all) of your favorite holiday treats you’ll be able to participate in an important part of the holidays without going completely off the deep end. Instead of worrying about how you’ll make it through another party by completely restricting, allow yourself a special treat. Pick something you enjoy, look forward to it, savor it and move on!


If you should find yourself in a situation where you’ve overindulged and gained some weight over the holidays, take a deep breath. It is not the end of the world! The best thing you can do at this point is to try and not stress about it. We all know that stress only makes matters worse. Instead take a few minutes to create an action plan to get back on track. Hire a coach for the New year, join an accountability group, enroll with a fitness program. 

I have plenty options for you- Get in touch!

Are you setting your fitness goals correctly?
Start the Day with Excercise
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy yourselves and I'll be here to help you start the New Year stronger than ever.

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