Start the Day with Excercise

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day

Start the Day with Excercise

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day

5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes

Struggling to find time to workout?

#1 Workout while you watch TV

We’re all guilty of sitting down to our favorite shows, and while your brain may well need the time off, your body has likely been sitting most of the day. So, find a compromise and use your TV time as a workout time. As you watch, you can do yoga, walk/run in place, or stretch things out. You can also try strength-training moves, like squats or crunches, or quiet cardio, like lunges. These moves allow you to keep your eyes on the screen while your body gets in the work.

#2 Take up a new hobby

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to work more exercise into your lifestyle, and it can even help you meet new people and make new friends. Try joining a community group or a new activity, be it hiking, biking, paddle boarding, or just walking around the park.

#3 Tick off your to-do list

We all have those things that have been hanging over us for a while that we just haven’t gotten around to. How about working through some of them? You’ll be productive and you’ll be moving around, making it a win-win. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, repainting your room, or simply gardening outside, all of that burns calories and leaves you with a great sense of gratification, too.

Try one of these five tips.

#4 Lend a helping hand

Charitable work is always good for the soul and good for your body. There are likely many programs in your community that could use your help, so if you can find an hour or two next weekend, it will turn out to be a very satisfying endeavor that will enable you to get fit and get involved.

#5 Rethink your schedule

Most of us struggle with time management. Chances are, there are certain things that you could be doing quicker, or maybe don’t need to do at all, that are eating away at your time. Time can never be bought back, so maybe it’s high time you sat down and looked at where all of yours has been going. Cutting out just one menial task a day could add up to hours a month.

5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes

Looking for a short workout to do at home in 15 minutes?

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