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July is a great month!

As we enter a new month, July has many reasons to celebrate, half way through the year, slowly coming out of this pandemic, life is getting back to normal just in time for the summer holidays!! And don’t forget all these yummy holidays we have

5 Habits Sabotaging your weight loss

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss

5 Habits sabotaging weight loss Do you feel like you are doing everything right and not making progress. The weight loss journey is always going to be a challenge, but there are some easy to fix habits that may be affecting your progress more than

No bake tahini fudge

This recipe was an absolute win for me, easy to make, short ingredient list, ready to try in less than 1 hour! What do you need to make this no bake tahini fudge? No bake Tahini fudge INGREDIENTS Condiments 2 tbsp Maple syrup or Golden


Did someone say Sangria?

I was so lucky as a child to spend the majority of summers spent on my second home island of Menorca. The smallest island in the Balearics. What is it with me and small islands? Where sangria, G&T and plenty of rosado seemed to flow

Wake up happier

Wake up happier

9 Ways to wake up Happier 1. No screens no sleep You can beg, plead, hope, and wish for it to be untrue, but the fact of the matter is that light from your screens before bed confuses your brain, disrupts your internal clock and

Eating on a budget

Essential Ingredients for eating healthy on a budget

Eating on a budget In this weeks email I shared with you 10 easy ways to plan and save $$ when you are shopping on a budget.  I wanted to extend my tips into what produce to buy, cheaper but still healthier.  10 of the