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Happy Brain Chemicals

Happy Brain Chemicals

We have 4 chemicals that can be released from the brain at any time, depending on what we are doing. How can we hack into these -Happy Brain Chemicals. Happy Brain Chemicals – HOw to hack them? If you’ve had a baby, you’ll remember vivid

Are cheat days real?

Are Cheat Days Real?

First, let’s define exactly what a “cheat day” is (and what it is not). A cheat day is a period of time when you are trying to lose or maintain weight where you stray from your normal eating routine and eat foods that you normally

Dog Walking

5 Habits for Healthy Living

If you look at fit and healthy people in awe and wonder how they do it, their secret comes down to two words: healthy lifestyle. They live a healthy life and everything they do centers around that concept. If you want to be more like

Get Good Sleep

Could Sleep Affect Weight?

Why Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain Could Sleep Affect Weight? Is there really a connection between lack of sleep and weight gain? Are we talking about getting up during the middle of the night to eat and thereby losing out on sleep?

Are you setting your fitness goals correctly?

Are you setting your fitness goals correctly?

Are you setting your fitness goals correctly? If being healthy is the most popular New Year’s resolution, why are so many people overweight and unhealthy? The answer boils down to one simple answer, incorrect goal setting. Let’s see how you should set your fitness goals.


How To Keep Hunger At Bay?

How to keep hunger at bay without cutting calories? Most of us know to lose weight, we have to burn more calories than we consume. Generally speaking, a deficit of 500 calories per day will result in about a pound of weight lost per week.