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Acid Vs Alkaline Diet

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet Well, ok, it’s quite obvious from where I’m sitting, I mean who wants to say their body is mostly acid? But, what are the benefits of having an alkaline diet, over an acid diet? Our body is internal system needs a

Foods on a budget

Foods to eat on a Budget

What can i eat on a Budget? Foods on a Budget   If you are new to shopping or wanting to change your diet towards a more whole food approach we often misunderstand how to shop on a budget and assume buying healthy is going

Vegan Lemon Square Recipe

Easter Lemon Squares

These lemon bars are so easy to make and are a perfect combination of fresh, tart lemon curd and a crumbly, buttery shortbread crust. Sweet and buttery and perfect for an Easter treat or a spring dessert.  Ingredients For the Vegan Shortbread Crust:   ½ cup vegan

5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day 5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes Struggling to find time to workout? #1 Workout while you watch TV We’re all guilty of sitting down to our favorite shows, and while your brain may

cut the calories

5 Tips to cut the calories

How can I keep my Weight down at Christmas? So many of us fret about our weight over the holiday season as there are so many reasons, occasions to indulge a little more the usual. Well, it doesn’t have to be totally out of control.

Grapefruit Galore

How to Choose Good Recipes

How to choose good recipes There are many different ways to approach your food prepping and planning, and all kinds of healthy food and recipes to try. Some people like to pack up every single meal for 5-7 days in advance ( organised Batch prepper).