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5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day

5 Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise Into Your Day 5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes Struggling to find time to workout? #1 Workout while you watch TV We’re all guilty of sitting down to our favorite shows, and while your brain may

cut the calories

5 Tips to cut the calories

How can I keep my Weight down at Christmas? So many of us fret about our weight over the holiday season as there are so many reasons, occasions to indulge a little more the usual. Well, it doesn’t have to be totally out of control.

Grapefruit Galore

How to Choose Good Recipes

How to choose good recipes There are many different ways to approach your food prepping and planning, and all kinds of healthy food and recipes to try. Some people like to pack up every single meal for 5-7 days in advance ( organised Batch prepper).

are you burnt out

Are you burnt out?

Are you at risk from a pandemic burnt out? Daily life may seem a little more stressful than usual over these past few months. We are bombarded with information, the do’s and don’t of Covid-19. Social media can be a fun release at times but


Positive impact of animals

Positive impact of animals Is your dog part of your family and you couldn’t imagine life without them ? Well that’s me and mine & I’m sure millions of others. This week I am so happy to share with you a beautiful interview Fox and


July is a great month!

As we enter a new month, July has many reasons to celebrate, half way through the year, slowly coming out of this pandemic, life is getting back to normal just in time for the summer holidays!! And don’t forget all these yummy holidays we have