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Post Easter no more sugar

Post Easter, no more sugar!

Baked Ziti with Spinach After this Easter I’m sure some of us are feeling a little bloated and somewhat low on energy. Well that will be the extra sugar intake! So I’m saying NO to SUGAR for a little while, let’s start with the remainder

Try this very day

Try this every day

A little movement each day goes a long way. Try this every day- I like to move my body, different ways, different speeds, different styles each day. It helps with digestion, mood, sleep, release of those feel good endorphins and not to mention setting a


7 Days Plant-Based

7 Days Plant-bAsed Who’s ready to go plant based for 7 days? Feel the benefits in your gut, mind, joints and skin. Plant based eating doesn’t have to be hard as there are so many helpful resources these days. I’ve put together this simple 7

Budget friendly dishes

Budget friendly dishes

Many of us may be watching the pennies a little more at the minute due to the uncertainty of what the future holds. I want us to all to try and be the most  positive we can and keep our spirits up, our bodies correctly

Yoga Bingo for kids

Yoga Bingo for kids

Yoga Bingo for kids Mums I hear you!! What the HELL 6 weeks at home with my little ones!! What are you trying to do to us??  Well for some of us it’s more like 2-3 weeks but here in Cayman schools are closed till


Are you sleeping fit?

Do you think animals ever get sleep deprived or struggle falling asleep? It never looks this way, everytime I look over to Fox he looks so peaceful, drops to sleep quickly and even starts snoring as his head hangs out his bed! But of course