are you burnt out

Are you burnt out?

are you burnt out

Are you at risk from a pandemic burnt out?

Daily life may seem a little more stressful than usual over these past few months. We are bombarded with information, the do’s and don’t of Covid-19. Social media can be a fun release at times but can also add to the chaos, have you noticed the media just filling us with ideas on how to be ‘productive through these times’ adding even more pressure!! Get your workout in, use this time to try a new hobby, bake, bake, bake then eat it, keep your health in tip top shape, spend more time with your family…AHHH!! And it’s leaving us feeling exhausted, irritable and unmotivated. This means that, whether you’ve lost your job, you’re a frontline worker or a WFH warrior, we should all be on the lookout for the first signs of burnout.

Recognise the signs:

are you burnt out
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  • Fatigue – Are you tired of being tired?
  • Lack of focus – You can’t concentrate, your attention span has shrunk to below zero.
  • Irritability – You’re cranky and moody – even more so than usual.
  • Physical symptoms – Your burnout could manifest as a headache, dizziness, upset stomach or cramps.
  • Low appetite – You’re skipping meals, bingeing, or just can’t be bothered eating.
  • Anxiety and depression – Your everyday stress has mutated to something more – you’re feeling like you’re permanently on edge.

How to avoid burnout?

The good news is, you can bring yourself back from the burnout moment. We all have obligations and responsibilities, but with good coping strategies & putting boundaries in place – we can manage life’s stresses and workload so it doesn’t knock us off course.
  1. Give yourself a breakTake breaks from work or constantly thinking about your lack of work, and make sure you’re getting enough rest.

  2. Accept what is in your control and not let what’s not stress you.

  3. Set boundaries -Be sure to clock off after hours – no emails until you open your computer again in the morning.

  4. Have some fun -make a schedule that allows time for the things you love

  5. Recognize the signs-If you can see yourself lapsing into one of the signs of burnout above, STOP. Do something about it.
are you burnt out
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Need a little more help coping with BURNOUT- feel free to drop me an email. Sometimes it just helps to talk to some about what’s lighting your fire.

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