Preventing Winter Illness

Are you sleeping fit?

Preventing Winter Illness

Do you think animals ever get sleep deprived or struggle falling asleep? It never looks this way, everytime I look over to Fox he looks so peaceful, drops to sleep quickly and even starts snoring as his head hangs out his bed!

But of course it’s different for us humans- WE NEED SLEEP!

I’m usually pretty good myself, once my head hits the pillow I’m gone but I had a couple nights last week where I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night and it was just killing me. I felt frustrated that I was awake, restless and the next day I even felt a little hungover- WHY!!!

I think most of us underestimate the need for sleep, have you ever heard that phrase ” Sleep when your dead” well I sure have and it’s always stuck in my mind as it’s so incorrect! Sleep plays a crucial role in the repair and maintenance of all systems (physical and psychological) of the human body. Unfortunately, a significant number of us do not get the amount of sleep necessary to support a healthy body and mind. We need between 7-9 hrs per night.

While you rest, the body begins its work. Like a factory, several processes occur all at once and involve multiple systems. For example:

 >The brain “cleans house” Cerebral spinal fluid flushes through the brain, cleaning out waste products from cells.

 >Breathing and heart rates slow and blood pressure decreases.

 > Hormones are released that aid in repairing tissues.

Downward spiral to poor health

When the body is sleep deprived, the brain craves food (eeek! and usually not the healthiest varieties). The hormones responsible for regulating hunger and satiety become unbalanced. Ghrelin (the hunger “gremlin” hormone) increases, while leptin (the satiety hormone) decreases. Consequently, caloric intake increases and caloric expenditure decreases due to lack of motivation from mental and physical fatigue. This eventually leads to weight gain. Oh great- boo!

Further, poor sleep results in higher-than-normal blood-sugar levels because a tired body is unable to effectively respond to insulin. If poor sleep is chronic, the development of metabolic disorders is inevitable.

We have to commit to be “sleeping fit” in order to reverse the downward spiral and improve the body’s functional capacity. So not only am I asking you to consider day time fitness, but also “sleeping fit” has the world gone crazy. The short answer is NO, we need to sleep, if you feel tired take a nap, not too long though, otherwise you may feel worse. Around 20 minutes is the power number.  Read the full article from the site. 

So here’s to more naps like Mr Fox or anyone whos wants to snuggle and repair their bodies.  Here’s a little snap of Fox as pup when he use to nap all the time, I would love to see some pictures of your furry babies sleeping peacefully.

Send them my way – xxx


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