Happy Brain Chemicals

Happy Brain Chemicals

Happy Brain Chemicals
We have 4 chemicals that can be released from the brain at any time, depending on what we are doing. How can we hack into these -Happy Brain Chemicals.

Happy Brain Chemicals - HOw to hack them?

If you’ve had a baby, you’ll remember vivid details of the birth and in the middle of the contractions, the deep breathing, the pain, you will vow never to do it again. Well roll on a few hours later when you are holding this beautiful bundle of life in your arms and you’ve forgotten all about childbirth and pretty much the pain you just went through. Welcome – OXYTOCIN !!! Your first of many Happy Brain Chemicals.


When we exercise are body enjoys a certain level of pain and stress. When the brain registers these two factors, Endorphins are released. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers to begin to respond to stress from exercising, making us feel on top of the world!

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