How to Manifest Your Way to a Kick Ass Body

Are you looking for the secret formula to tackle your life and transform yourself into the person you have always wanted to be? Have you struggled with losing weight and are looking for a way to change it up and get what you want? Although there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, there is a way to change your thinking and speed up the process. Read on to find out more!

There is an unwritten and invisible law that exists in the world that many people never find out about. It’s similar to the saying, “You get out what you put in.” This is the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction

Simply put, this law states that if you think good thoughts you will receive good things. Sounds crazy, right? Don’t be put off. It really does work! The more people try this, the more apparent it is that it’s not just a fairytale.

The world around us is made of energy. Even if we do not think about it all the time, the energy is still there. Energy flows are very important and impact us on a daily basis. If we have good energy in our lives, we will attract positivity. If we project bad energy, we attract negativity.

If we look at people who have been successful in their ventures, we often see that they are ecstatic about their lives. The question then becomes, “Were they happy before they saw success or after?” Many times they were happy and content even before they achieved their goals.

Affirmations are Key

Make it a point to think good thoughts every day. If a negative thought enters your mind, combat it with a positive thought. Although it may take practice, eventually it will be automatic. Once that happens, you are more likely to only have positive thoughts.

You should also use affirmations daily to promote positive energy, happiness, and self-confidence. Decide on your affirmation and create a daily routine that involves celebrating and repeating this phrase multiple times a day.

Manifesting Your Best Body

You can use these techniques to better your life in general, but also to have the body that you have always desired. You are worth it, and when you are fighting food every day you will not see progress like you could if you are using positive energy to get what you want.


We are not born ashamed of ourselves or our bodies. We become that way through reinforcement and habit. The only way to combat this and get back to who we genuinely should be and want to be is by relearning how to love ourselves and our bodies. By doing this, we shed our subconscious fears and blocks that keep us in our current state.


Some great affirmations for a physical transformation are:


I am worthy.

I am beautiful.

I am loved.

I decide my future.

I can do anything, as long as I work towards it.

I set myself free from guilt.

I am healing every day.

I have the ability to exercise and live a healthy life.

Eating healthy food heals my mind and body.

I believe I can change my body.

I can easily resist temptation.

I control my will power; It does not control me.

I accept myself and love myself.


There are many, many more affirmations out there that can be used. These are just a starting point. Find your ideal affirmation based on your goals and repeat it daily. You will be surprised at how easily you can change your thoughts and actions.


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