It only takes 21 days to make a change.

Many people ask me; “So how long will it take for me to loose this extra weight”, “how did she change her body like that?”, “how can I get rid of this wobbly tummy?”
Well the most truthful answer I will give you is hard work, dedication and being healthy. There are many things that influence a physical change not just exercise.

However I am not going to cover all of the attributes for physical transformation in this post, you wil have to keep tuning for more. I am simply going to explain the attitude that will get you results and that is CONSISTENCY!

The word consistency has many meanings but in the fitness world the more consistent you are with your workout and eating correctly the better your results will be.

One good meal, one workout will not give you results, just like one bad meal will not set you back entirely. You have to be far more consistent and eat well every day, exercise 5-7 times a week for at least 30 minutes, raising your heart rate and adding resistance to your workouts. and lets be honest if your working out 2-3 times a week and sorry yogi’s this doesn’t count! You will not see the results probably in your ideal time frame it will take longer and possibly not at all!!

People that have consistently followed a plan for just 21 days have changed their bodies and seen a positive result. That’s all in just 21 days, that’s 3 weeks. Your setting yourself up for success and can easily keep going after 21 days, why would you stop there. It only takes 21 days to form a new habit, that’s it!!

So decide today, what do I really want to change or improve in myself? Stick to it for 21 days and see how you feel.
This could be eating better, giving up soda, getting 8 hours sleep, finishing a workout program, spending more time with your children, absolutely anything goes but stick to it and be CONSISTENT.


Love and fitness xx

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