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5 Ways to Exercise In 15 Minutes

Are you ready to continue:

  •  Building healthy habits
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Be mentally strong
  • Improve your inner strength
  • Reduce daily stress
  •  Sleep better

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are in the right place.

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Why are you here?

Firstly you maybe thinking why are you reading this page? Well, that's because you are ready to make some positive changes in your life and you are putting yourself first. Introducing the 'LIVE FOR YOU' Program. There are 16 workouts in total over the course of 4 weeks, giving you the perfect introduction to return back or start your fitness journey. CONGRATULATIONS YOU!

Purchase Phase 1 - $39.95USD

That's just $9.98USD per week


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How you are feeling?

As we may already know exercise and daily movement has proven to give us a positive lift in mood, our mental health, our attitude and of course benefits us physically. The majority of us lead such high paced lives and deal with a lot of stress factors. Living and achieving balance in life is important. BUT more importantly achievable with the right method and boundaries.

" These training sessions have really helped improve my attitude towards exercise and my overall mood "
Wake up happier
Cat Hinds

What to expect in Phase 1 ?



In phase 1 we will work to your limits, timely workouts cover the whole body each week and as a bonus I will set extra health goals each week, building on our healthy habits. 

You will need for Phase 1: 

  • A mat
  • A timer (interval app)
  • Shoes, no shoes, your choice
  • A supportive bra especially for Cardio & HIIT day

What to expect?

Energy Levels - will double after the 4 weeks
Feeling fabulous 50%
Mood Enhancer - overall outlook to life
Happier 70%
Physicality- your samia, fitness and body shape will begin to changet
Strength, flexibility, mobility and more 44%
Confidence- love youself first the rest will follow!
Looking gorgeous!! 80%

Buy Phase 1 today and get started today !

'These home workouts make it flexible with my crazy work schedule'
Let's get back to nature
Carrie Bee
Teacher & Mom

Purchase Phase 1- $39.95USD

That's just $9.98USD per week
Live for you

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Internal Health


Are you looking after your body internally? Many people still think being healthy and fit is all physical; how fast you can run, how much weight you can lift etc…

However it is so much more than this!

I focus on eating a plant-based diet and I take natural supplements from my favourite brand doTERRA.  Many of you may of heard of doTERRA for their essential oils but they are much more then this. Natural beauty collection, cleaning products, skin and hair range, supplement & a weight management line.


Read a little more about their SUPPLEMENT line.

Health is all about BALANCE- Do you focus on all aspects of health?

ORDering is simple

I have made it super simple and quick for you to order Phase 1. All you need to do is click on any of the PURPLE buttons on this page and it will take you straight to PayPal to purchase your weekly workouts. These will be sent to you through your email you signed up with. 

Weeks 1- 4!! Coming your way. 

Are you ready to better yourself even more?

Purchase Phase 1- $39.95

That's just $9.98USD per week