My top 8 tummy tips

My top 8 tummy tips!

My top 8 tummy tips

Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach?

Everyone carries weight in different areas of the body, you maybe an apple shape, therefore you carry weight in your abdominal area, perhaps you’re more of a pear shape and carry weight in your hips. But everyone usually desires a flatter stomach than they already have.

There are different areas to focus on to achieve a flatter tummy, through nutrition, exercise, and an all round a healthier lifestyle. Seeking help from an expert can speed up the process a little quicker. Apart from the obvious; eating cleaner, drinking more water, cutting out alcohol and exercising daily these are my top 8 tummy tips.


Here are my top 8 tips for a flatter tummy:

1. Lower your sodium and sugar intake.

2. Take a probiotic.  

3. Include ‘plyometric exercises’ explosive movements.

4. Include strength training and core exercises.

5. Don’t do FAD diets.

6. Learn to cope with stress and release any negativity.

7. Work on your personal image and self-confidence.



Grab a 5 Minute ab workouts you can do from home or at the gym.

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