Positive impact of animals

Positive impact of animals

Is your dog part of your family and you couldn’t imagine life without them ? Well that’s me and mine & I’m sure millions of others. This week I am so happy to share with you a beautiful interview Fox and I contributed to with journalist friend and eco warrior Laura. All about the positive impact of animals,


‘ Eco Chic Cayman is an environmental blog based in the Cayman Islands.  Our eco blog is devoted to sharing ideas on how to live a sustainable lifestyle in the Cayman Islands -but not  limited to.  Articles found on the blog range from: environmental issues, ocean awareness, raising awareness about endangered animals, sustainable fashion, eco tips and eco-friendly products.  Other topics you can read about on our blog are travel and food.’


If you think you and your dog have what it takes to impact people in a positive light and heal  through therapy, please feel free to reach out to me.

I hope you enjoy the interview, head over to ECO CHIC CAYMAN to read in full. 

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