Summer Vacay: From Island to Island

Don’t you just love the summer months, for me I feel like we should all be relaxing sipping pina coladas, laying on the beach with a good read and dipping into the water to cool off. Well that’s how I remember it in my twenties. Now living in the Caribbean where there is sun all year round and unbelievable heat in the July/August months, the majority of us just want to escape the sweltering temperatures. So off I jet across the pond to my other home the island of Menorca. It’s hot, of course but as my body has acclimatized to extreme humidity and general daily sweat in Cayman it feels somewhat cooler here. The rest of the family don’t quite agree whilst they sit fanning themselves. A nice sea breeze saves the day!

As an entrepreneur I always find it pretty hard to switch off completely so nothing much changes for me when on vacay, I occasionally check my emails, I keep up with my clients and I still actively move each day, whether its a beachbody workout, bike ride to lunch, sunset run or just shop till you drop, each day I make a conscious effort to move enjoyably. And then take time out to chill and catch up with family and friends. However, we all know we indulge just a little bit more on food and drink whilst on vacation and that’s ok, you would be a little strange and controlling if you didn’t. But if you don’t want to pile on the pounds, you can’t just eat and drink in access then lie down in the comfy lounger. *pass the sunscreen please…

So to come a little prepared and set yourself up right, I managed to bring my super nutritional shake in convenient travel sachets, filled with plant protein, healthy carbohydrates and digestive enzymes. This is to guarantee I will at least consume a good breakfast each morning. Plus I snuck in a tub of energise (energy powder) to give me a boost when I need it, pre- workout or just an afternoon pick up. Lounging around can really make you tied you know…* teehee yawn, yawn*

The bonus about being so universal and easily accessible online these days is, my lifelong vitality pack was shipped to the house here in Menorca to save on valuable suitcase space. Cellular Vitality Complex to support cellular function, essential omega mix & Food Nutrient Complex but the most important for me PB assist (my favourite probiotic I have ever used) Pop one at night and it really helps with digestion not waking up with a bloat and access * brrrp* if you know what I mean? To top it off I brought with my favourite essentials oils for the summer sun, terrashield spray to keep the bugs at bay, on guard to deter the alien germs, geranium, eucalyptus, oregano and lavender for some healthy sunkissed skin.

TUNE in to my next blog where I will show you how to use these oils and give you some fabulous summer blends for your body.

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