Yoga Bingo for kids

Yoga Bingo for kids

Yoga Bingo for kids

Mums I hear you!! What the HELL 6 weeks at home with my little ones!! What are you trying to do to us??  Well for some of us it’s more like 2-3 weeks but here in Cayman schools are closed till the end of April.

So I am aiming to bring you some gentle relief and distraction whilst at home. Starting with YOGA BINGO and FYI this doesn’t have to be just for children. lol!

This is a great way to get your kids to start doing some light exercise and learn a little yoga.

It won’t feel like yoga to the kids but instead it will seem like a fun game for them.

Grab a counter or a dice and throw it gently over the printed card.  Whatever picture it lands on, this is the yoga move everyone can try. 

Here’s another great website sharing all sorts of home activities you can do with your children of all ages!

Wishing all positivity and health in these different times. Be sure to keep checking my social platforms for more fun ideas on how to stay entertained and healthy these next few weeks.



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